The Project

Welcome to the website for the Loughborough Junction World War 1 (LJWW1) app. Our app allows you to follow three unfolding augmented reality (AR) stories about Loughborough Junction during the Great War. Each of the three stories has a trail of distinctive colour-coded paving slabs that take you through the streets of Loughborough Junction (see images and video below). The app visually recognises each paving slab in the trail. Capturing the pattern on each slab triggers the AR experience, superimposing audio and visual data, via your device’s camera-view and headphones, onto the street where you stand. The story unfolds by following a colour coded trail of ordered paving slabs as you walk along. Each new slab reveals the next new chapter in that story, downloading it in stages to your mobile device and leading you towards the Cambria Bridge, where each trail ends.

first paving slab of red routefirst paving slab of yellow routefirst paving slab of blue route

The stories follow the lives of fictional characters in the local area during the Great War. They narrate the effects that the war had on the lives of people who lived here 100 years ago.
Here is a taster video for the project:

And this is the video of the launch of the app on 6th September 2014 where writers, experts and participants talk about the project and World War 1 facts and anecdotes:

The stories are backed up with images, so remember to look around with the camera view of your device. Images are always within 180 degrees of your direction when facing the paving slabs. Make sure to stand at the bottom of the paving slab so that the numbers read as shown in the images above. You will need headphones, especially when near traffic.

The RED TRAIL starts outside Loughborough Junction station and is mainly in audio format with a few incidental videos.  The story is backed up with images so remember to look around with your device. Images are always within 180 degrees from the direction of the paving slabs.

The ORANGE TRAIL starts at Singler’s shop on Kemerton Road, next to the Cambria pub.  The story is told through a mixture of videos and audio. There are a good number of incidental images included as well so remember to scan the environment around you.

The BLUE TRAIL starts at the Northway Road entrance to Ruskin Park. All the chapters of the story are told through video so remember to look up from the paving slab to find the video. There are some incidental videos dispersed on the slabs.

All the stories end under the Cambria Bridge, on Cambria Road.

The paving slabs are numbered and each story starts with the number 2014.
You need to follow the paving slabs in sequence, starting at the first slab.
The stories are told either in an audio clip or through a video clip superimposed on the camera view on your mobile device. Additional information relating to the story is also located in the vicinity of the paving slabs. Augmented reality arrows triggered by, and located on, the slabs will direct you to the supplementary information.

Orientating yourself to correctly read the numbers on the paving slab will direct you towards the next slab location (i.e. the numbers must read the right way up – not upside down or from the side).
Click here for more information on how to use the app.

LJWW1 is linked to the Cambria bridge project which is the first of the 7 Bridges project; see Project background and for more information.

What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality allows you to view the world through the camera of your mobile device and find elements superimposed onto that view. For example videos, photographs or 3D objects are overlaid in 3D space, enhancing your perception of that location.
In our case a series of videos & sound files narrate the stories, while pictures and photographs help to transport you back 100 years, where the stories are set.
The app is free and is available to download on Android and IOS devices. Download the app

To get the best experience we recommend the following:

  • IOS or Android device (smartphone or tablet)
  • Internet connection to download the app
  • Fully charged device
  • Headphones to hear the stories against the busy traffic and railway lines around the Junction
  • Start at the start of your chosen route (at the slab which reads 2014)
  • In strong sunlight the harsh shadows may interfere with the app

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The soft launch of the app took place on Saturday the 6th of September 2014. The public were invited to try out one of three trails, which all lead to the Cambria Bridge. The busy event helped to introduce the app to residents, who can follow the trails at their convenience in the future.